Why Vineyard Lutheran School?


A caring Christian environment:  Vineyard Lutheran School offers children the opportunity to gain their education in a caring and supportive Christian environment.  We value diversity and respect others beliefs and cultures. Our school offers strong pastoral support and care.


At Vineyard we acknowledge that the education of a child is a partnership between home and school, therefore we encourage parent involvement during class times. 


We are a family orientated community with an active Parents and Friends group whose focus is building community.


A commitment to smaller class sizes:  For children to achieve success, educators must be able to discover the individual talents of each child and tailor experiences such that THEY want to learn and discover their true passions. Our smaller class sizes afford such opportunities!


A commitment to embracing new technologies and training staff to take full advantage of it: Vineyard Lutheran School has already committed itself to, and is utilising iPad technology in the classroom.  In 2014 students from Years 4-7 will be a part of 1:1 iPad usage.  We have done away with ‘old’ thinking about technology and embraced the new, creating first class learning experiences for our students.   Our staff under-go regular professional development courses on the use of this technology in the classroom.


A commitment to fostering inquiry based learning: Vineyard Lutheran School is committed to empowering children to become creative and independent thinkers.  We aim to provide them with the skills to be successful in a world where the jobs of the future have not even been invented yet! 


A small but committed teaching group: The advantage of having a small staff is that we work well as a team.  We have the opportunity to communicate, plan and assist each other to create enriching learning experiences for your child. 


As part of our teachers programming we use open ended tasks, engaging students who need either extension or extra support.  We acknowledge that each student is different and aim to meet their learning styles and strengths. 


We provide Specialist lessons of German, Music/Drama and Sport, as well as providing our students opportunities to work in the school’s garden during lunch times.  Food from the garden is used and cooked at different times throughout the year in the cottage kitchen by the students.


Our specialist Sport lessons incorporate our state of the art Sports Stadium. We promote healthy eating and lifestyle and we are a member of the ‘Eat Well, Be Active’ initiative.


School fees that offer value for money:  Vineyard Lutheran School offers a high quality product at an affordable price.  We are committed to 2 intakes per year. At Vineyard we give you the flexibility to make that valuable choice on when to send your child to school.


We welcome a visit from you at any time during the school year if you would like to have a look around.  This will provide you with an opportunity to observe our school at work.