The wearing of Vineyard Lutheran School uniform is compulsory. It is available for purchase (new) through the school. Second hand uniforms are also available from time to time.


Vineyard Lutheran School has a formal

school uniform and a sports uniform.

Each student is expected to have all of the

required items of both these uniforms

as listed in the link below.


We believe the uniform:

·Encourages students to take pride in their appearance

·Eliminates competition in what students wear

·Is the most economical way to outfit students for their school life


In accepting enrolment, families are stating their intention to comply with the uniform requirements.  Should families require assistance with the cost of the uniform they should make arrangements with the Principal. In a very small number of cases, there may be a medical reason for children not being able to comply with the requirements set down in the uniform policy. In such cases, the permission of the Principal shall be obtained for an exemption from wearing a particular item prior to the parents taking alternative action.


Students are to wear normal school uniform to and from school each day; students may wear sports uniform all day on those days when sports uniform is required.


We expect students to wear the correct uniform whenever they are under the care of the school and to maintain a

neat and tidy appearance at such times.


During the cooler weather jackets/coats may be worn to and from school and at recess and lunch times when the students are outside.  We request that where possible these coats are predominantly bottle green or navy and are free

of advertisements or product endorsements. 

As we have adequate heating in classrooms, these items are not to be worn while students are inside the school buildings.


We trust that students and parents will assist us and work with us as we seek to foster neatness and pride in the personal appearance of students at Vineyard.  This policy will be implemented by the Principal and staff of Vineyard.


Times when Uniform May Be Worn

Term 1: Summer Uniform

Term 2: Winter Uniform

Term 3: Winter Uniform

Term 4: Summer Uniform


There may be some flexibility at change of season but this will be at the discretion of the Principal and you will be notified through the School Newsletter.


Supply of Uniforms

Where stated all items of uniform must be purchased through the school uniform shop. Parents will be notified of a “fitting” day at the commencement of each term, orders for the following term can be placed at this time.


Note: Fabric for summer and winter uniforms is not available for purchase by parents.