In 2013, Vineyard Lutheran School, through the services of Australia Lutheran World Services, embarked on a plan to sponsor a village in Cambodia called Tades. In the past we have supported the raising of money to buy general items required for day to day survival. However, we felt that this, although valuable, didn’t give us a real connection with those people we were supporting.


It was decided that we should support a whole village, to make ties with them, through communication, and give our families a clear goal of what was being achieved when we raised money. We have heard on several occasions the wonderful impact that our money has made to this village, and we look forward to this continuing support.


In 2013 our main purpose was to build a road and bridge to help support the village for trade, medical emergencies and general day to day living. The sum of over $3000 was raised mainly through chapel offering and other fundraising endeavour. Each year we intend to fundraise via our Chapel offerings for Tades.


Here, at Vineyard, we support the notion of service,

and we hope that through such a venture we

can instil this through our students.


This is supported by our value statement which reads:

We value service in our relationship with God and people;

at home, at school and in the community.