Healthy Eating:


Research tells us that a poor diet can lead to lethargy, lack of concentration, drowsiness and can seriously impede academic progress and affect behaviour.


In an effort to support the role of parents in meeting the children’s daily fruit and vegetable intake (see table on next page) we implement a 10 minute fruit break anytime

between 9:50am and 10:10am.


During this time the students in the school are encouraged to have a piece of fruit or vegetable to eat and to get a drink of water before resuming the mornings learning. 

The purpose of this time is for refuelling their bodies, contributing to the development of the students’ optimum learning capacity.  


When we say a fruit or vegetable we are asking you as parents to provide preferably fresh fruit and vegetables for this eating time, however non processed dried fruit is also an option, sultanas, dried apples, etc.  Attached is an example of ‘a serve’ of fruit or vegetables,

and a list of foods allowed / not allowed.


One serve of fruit = one medium piece or two smaller pieces or 1 cup of chopped fruit or 1 tablespoon dried fruit e.g. 1 apple = 2 apricots = 1 cup canned fruit = 1 Tablespoon sultanas


One serve of vegetables = one medium potato = ½ cup cooked vegetables (including legumes)

= 1 cup salad vegetables.


Adapted from ‘Crunch and Sip®’, Department of Health, WA


Nut Policy:


As we have students at this school with severe nut allergies, we have a complete ban on nuts or nut bars; muesli bars and spreads (e.g. peanut butter, Nutella). This policy is currently under review.


Eat Well, Be Active


Vineyard Lutheran School is also a part of Eat Well, Be Active initiative, which encourages children to eat healthily and to exercise regularly. As a result of this initiative, students at Vineyard Lutheran School are involved with daily fitness, and are encouraged to make healthy eating choices.