On Friday the 30th of October, 2015, students,

parents and friends of Vineyard Lutheran School

attended their sports day at the Clare High

School.  After a week of fairly wet weather, they

were blessed with perfect conditions for the event. 

Approximately one hundred and fifteen students

participated in a variety of field and running events. 


For the first time, children from the Gums Early

Learning Centre also joined in the fun!  They had a

marvellous time shooting the hoop, throwing the

vortex and Frisbee as well as completing the long

jump event.  They showed great public speaking skills (not to mention courage) by introducing themselves over the microphone before completing the 50 metre sprint! 


A high level of sportsmanship and athleticism was exhibited on the day with the Hutt team being declared the winners of the Sports Day Shield.  Vineyard Lutheran School Principal, Mr Nick Kriewaldt, said the day was a great success.  “I think today was fantastic, particularly the level of cooperation and encouragement shown by our students.  It was terrific to see so many parents and friends here to watch and support all of the children who participated. “


Vineyard will be holding their next Sports Day in

Term 4 2015 at the Clare High School.