The Role of the School Leaders

The upper primary classes vote for four Year 7 school leaders each semester who will dutifully serve the school and guide the Student Representative Council (SRC) in meetings and in coordinating whole school events.


Year 7 students are required to apply for the position of School Leader,

answering the following criteria:


1.Why they wanted to be a School Leader

2.What skills and experiences they had in Leadership

3.What changes or improvements they would make if they were elected School Leader


Vineyard Lutheran Staff are encouraged to choose Student Leaders

who display the following characteristics:


·A student who is a positive role model to others

·A student who is a confident public speaker

·A student who is friendly and helpful

·A student who is organised and motivated

·A student who is hard working


Official Roles

The Student Leaders have many official roles that they need to play. These include sharing information about their role at a School Council meeting, preparing prayers and speeches at the End of Year Service, representing the school throughout the community and introducing and thanking guest speakers who come to our school.


Day-to-Day Roles

There are also many day-to-day roles that the School Leaders need to play. These include being positive role models, distributing school lunches, collecting Monday Chapel offerings, and assisting students during recess and lunch times.


Organising Special Events

Student Leaders also assist in organising special fundraising events to raise money for the various charities that we support throughout the year.