Vineyard offers a broad and balanced curriculum, which aims to enhance the whole person, for students from the Foundation through to Year 7

We offer a range of specialist areas, including Physical Education, Art, Music, Drama and German.

Throughout the curriculum taught here at Vineyard Lutheran School, the students are valued as individuals who need to be supported spiritually, intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally.


In recognition of this throughout the different curriculum areas, students will be challenged to create understanding through taking part in activities that suit how they learn best. Teachers provide opportunities for students to demonstrate their knowledge through a variety of mediums including visual, musical and written tasks.


Students also have the opportunity to display their knowledge and gifts through participating in;

Gardening activities

ICT and technology

Sports day

Camps and excursions


Individual music lessons

School choir

School concert


Other extra curricula activities that benefit students are always being considered to meet the needs and interests of the students within the school.