Vineyard is linked with the Mid North Lutheran Ministries

and has the services of its local Pastor.


We are committed as a school to caring for all families within our school, and encourage families to strengthen their ties with their local church.


The Christian churches in the Clare Valley can provide a

far-reaching support network,

which can assist families in any time of need.


Daily prayers and devotions are part of school life, as are weekly worship services. As an interdenominational school working within the Lutheran system, other Christian denominations participation in worship and family support networking is welcomed.


At Vineyard Lutheran School we seek to provide a community environment in which students, staff and families feel welcome, safe and cared for. This goal is something that we seek to realize across all areas of the school. To help us achieve this we have a

Pastoral Support Worker within the school.


 Pastoral Support Worker / Chaplain

      The Chaplain is employed to maintain oversight of pastoral care within the wider school community. This includes care for students, families and staff. The Chaplain has a broad role that impacts on many different aspects of school life.


One of the main aspects of the Chaplain is the role of student wellbeing. They seek to support student wellbeing so that students grow in resilience and independence with a positive view of the future.


Social skills programs such as ‘What’s the Buzz’ are helping our students with social interaction and developing of relationships. We also use DECD Keeping Safe Programme.


The services that the Chaplain provides to both students and family are voluntary. If parents/carers do not want to access either service we require them to notify us of this in writing.


As a general protocol prearranged 1:1 appointments/sessions requiring ongoing assistance from the Chaplain will involve parent/carer consent being sought and Class Teachers are kept informed and included in the process.


This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations under the National Schools Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.


‘What’s the Buzz’

At Vineyard Lutheran School we believe in providing a holistic approach to student education and wellbeing and strive to cater for the many different needs of the students.  Recently we have commenced a new program called ‘What’s the Buzz’. 


This program is a social skills enrichment program that is run over two terms and teaches children how to think and relate socially.  What’s the Buzz is a fantastic program for students who for many varied reasons find it hard to make friends and fit in socially. 


The program is extremely interactive with the children engaging in role play activities and group discussions to assist them in learning skills to successfully be able to meet people, be friendly and deal with worry.  They also learn life skills such as the power of positive thinking, responding positively to bullying and tuning into what’s happening around them. 


The program is designed for staff, students and parents to all work together to achieve an excellent result.  There’s been wonderful feedback so far from students and parents about this program and we look forward to seeing continued success as we support our students on their learning journey.