At Vineyard Lutheran School we aim to give all children access to a wide and varying range of experiences and information.  The school particularly wishes to promote uplifting and edifying material, but chooses not to exclude any legitimate resource as a matter of policy. Children will be guided by staff in their choice of resources, and taught to examine critically the experiences and information discovered therein.


If a parent has concerns with the content of any school related material, we encourage them to discuss this with the staff and Principal.


Students have the opportunity to borrow books weekly from the library. A maximum of 2 books will be loaned to each student.

Please help your children look after these books; keep them in the library bag or a special place.

Misplaced and/or damaged books will be charged to your school account after notification.


The Library is open during lunchtime on Tuesday and Thursday. Students come in and read, draw and colour, dress up or play games.




Book Week

Book Week happens in Term 3, Week 5. Each year we have a Reading theme.  Students’ will participate in special activities during this week, including a dress parade assembly.