The focus of the iPad program at Vineyard Lutheran School is to provide tools and resources to the 21st Century Learner. Excellence in education requires that technology is seamlessly integrated into the educational program. Increasing access to technology is essential for that future, and one of the learning tools of these twenty-first century students is the iPad.


The individual use of iPads is a way to empower students to maximize their potential through engagement and problem solving skills, thus preparing them with the knowledge and tools to be worthwhile and successful citizens of a modern technologically savvy society.


The days of the stand-alone computer room are over. The shift now is about getting technology into the classrooms, so that all students may have instant access to this technology. Our 1:1 iPad program in our Year 4-7 classes enables our students to be able to do this.




There are numerous reasons for using iPads at Vineyard Lutheran School. These include:


1) The iPad is a portable personal device that is able to be used as an anywhere, anytime learning device.

2) The iPad is light, portable and easily carried in the school bag.

3) The iPad is seen to be an intuitive device and

minimal technical support is required.

4) The touch interface engages the young learner as it correlates to the technology student’s use in their everyday life

which allows a high level of interactivity.

5) The instant star-tup of the iPad means

greater use of class time for learning.

6) The vast number of applications (Apps), and access to information, on a wide range of topics, allows students to pursue topics about which they are interested in learning.

7) A 10 hour battery life means the iPad can be

used throughout the entire school day.

8) There is anywhere, anytime access to current information that contains text, sound, images and interactivity. Information is represented with rich multimedia and data visualisation techniques.

9) Educators are finding that through the use of different Apps, students are able to choose the type of product they create and to demonstrate their understanding.


Students are able to display their work through the use of Apple TV

and Smartboards in each of our classrooms.