Parents seeking enrolment for their child at Vineyard Lutheran School should request a copy of the school Prospectus and Information Package.


After reading the Prospectus the Application for Enrolment should be completed and returned.


The school will acknowledge the application for enrolment and arrangements for an interview or tour with the principal will be made. No cost is incurred by parents during the application.


A position may be made depending on the availability of places according to our Enrolment Policy. Should the case arise that applications exceed available places then the following priorities will be observed:

*            Siblings of children already attending the school

*            Children of staff members

*            Students attending the ‘Little Vines’ Early Learning Centre

*            The date of initial enrolment


Other placement will then be decided by taking into account such factors as length of time on the waiting list, or other special circumstances and may be decided at the discretion of the Principal and School Council.


Foundation Enrolment Procedures

Vineyard Lutheran School will continue to have two intakes each year. No other school in the Clare Valley can offer this.


Intake Number 1

-Children begin on the first day of Term 1 (usually February).

In order for a child to be accepted into the Term 1 intake, a child must turn 5 by the 31st May in the given year.


Intake number 2

- Children begin on the first day of Term 3 (usually mid-July).

In order for a child to be accepted into the Term 3 intake, a child must turn 5 by the 31st of October in the given year.


Children who turn 5 after October in any year will be eligible for enrolment in Term 1 of the next calendar year. 


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